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Silver Door Media is a multi-faceted printing company in Durban, for both creative & print solutions. Our services include general print & packaging , graphic design, website design & development and promotional media. We are aimed at offering a service that will satisfy any business, small or large and because of our diversity we are able to create a turn-key solution. Our creative flair for the industry allows us to showcase all disciplines within our strength as a printing company. We also offer creative concepts for branding and events, Launches and private corporate functions.


Silver Door Media is made up of multi skilled individuals in the various fields of Print, Publication, Branding, Graphic Design & Promotional Apparel. This allows us to manage your project from inception to production and gives you peace of mind over all your project requirements.


Dedicated to adding value to your organization through creative and innovative concepts and designs. Flexibility and resourcefulness our printing company makes Silver Door Media the ideal partner for all your print & publication needs.


why choose us

offer a service that is second to none and always strive to encompass to vision of the client for each project undertaken.

To be recognized as a printing company of high standards and transparency within the industry. To be held in high regard when creating a project that entails both attention to detail and service delivery.

  • Dedication
  • Honesty
  • Deadline Orientated
  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • Professionalism

All our products are printed on acid-free, eco-friendly & recyclable paper. This allows us to adhere to Eco-Green policies which assists in the efforts to contain environmental harm & destruction.

Community Upliftment

While Silver Door Media is a private organization we are also aimed at supporting and giving back to the community. By partnering with Kenneth Copeland Ministries (Partner Number 819896) and Joyce Meyer Ministries (Partner Number SA 3055022) we ensure that finance is sown into fertile ground that support not only the local community but international as well. These two ministries meet the needs of the community from the grass roots levels and create sustainable development for disadvantaged families living below the bread line.

Sustainable Development

The concept of sustainability relates to the maintenance and enhancement of environmental, social and economic resources, in order to meet the needs of current and future generations. The three components of sustainability are:

  • Environmental sustainability – which requires that natural capital remains intact. This means that the source and sink functions of the environment should not be degraded. Therefore, the extraction of renewable resources should not exceed the rate at which they are renewed, and the absorptive capacity to the environment to assimilate wastes should not be exceeded. Furthermore, the extraction of non-renewable resources should be minimized and should not exceed agreed minimum strategic levels.
  • Social sustainability – which requires that the cohesion of society and its ability to work towards common goals be maintained. Individual needs, such as those for health and well-being, nutrition, shelter, education and cultural expression should be met.
  • Economic sustainability – which occurs when development, which moves towards social and environmental sustainability, is financially feasible.